The Powerhouse Infusion “Dandelion” with healing in its Properties

Nature in itself is a great healer. Since ages living beings on the earth have been using the natural ingredients to cure various ailments. As human beings we also need to be aware of the such knowledge to lead a disease-free life.

Dandelion is one such herb that comes as a powerhouse to cure several diseases. Its properties are enriched when infused with other nutrients. Basically this humble plant belonged to Europe and places of northern hemisphere with milder climatic conditions. Down the line it is now grown and cultivated in our Indian sub-continent too.

Super food

The beauty and benefits of dandelion flowers is known to everyone, its roots and leaves are equally laced with powerhouse nutrients and several detox properties.

Other than being used as a healing herb, people across the world have been using it in their meals like salads, smoothies, curries, garnishes, etc. Its taste though slightly bitter, as found place in the hearts of people. Regular use of dandelion roots has bought about preventing and curing several health-related issues in the people.


This plant dates back its existence over 30 million years ago. It grew in atmosphere with poor environments and were present as plants on the sidewalks emerging through the cracks. It derives its name from the French terms ‘dent de lion’ that means tooth of the lion. Dandelion was imported to North America way back in 1600’s by some European people. But evidences suggest, its proper use started by the 11th century by the Arab herbalists.

Nutrients Infused Dandelion

Dandelion is a consumable plant. Be it the roots, flowers, leaves or stems, everything is food and medicine. The roots and leaves of this plant is used for medicinal purposes as they are rich in potassium, zinc, manganese, calcium, copper, fiber, iron, Vitamin A, B complex and C. So much benefits in just one plant part, makes it a perfect powerhouse!

The roots are rich source pf prebiotic ‘inulin’. It is a plant based sugar that indigestible known to create favourable environment for the healthy intestinal micro flora to flourish. People use it as a vitamin pill during spring season for herbal blood cleansing and rejuvenating the body after the sluggish winters.

The roots have the potential to encourage digestion process in our bodies and aid the functioning of liver and kidneys. Also you get support in eliminating body toxins and other metabolic waste, thus ensuring a good health and gut.

Not but the least ‘Its Benefits’

In the earlier blog we discussed the endless benefits of Dandelion. Here we just recall it quickly and make it afresh to our knowledge:


  1. Aids in digestion

The dandelion root tea infused with nutrients has a remarkable effect on our digestive system. It has shown encouraging results in improving the appetite, mellow down mild digestive problems and also relieve constipation.

  1. Liver detoxification

Roots of dandelion are considered as ‘liver tonic’. This is because, the roots have the capacity to maximize the flow of bile. Lately it has been found that, infused dandelion root powder detoxifies the liver, relives problems related to the skin, eyes and also bring relief to liver diseases.

  1. Checks on blood sugar

Several cases have shown that dandelion root tea have been detrimental in bringing down high blood sugar levels in the diabetics. It works by getting rid of excessive sugar stored in our bodies and stimulation of natural production of insulin in the pancreas. Thus it is good for diabetic patients too.

  1. Serves as a cancer fighter

Though the cancer fighting properties of the dandelion root have not been tested scientifically, it has shown encouraging results on the patients. It is believed to possess cancer-fighting properties, as the root extracts leads to cell death of cancerous cells without harming the non-cancerous cells.

  1. Helpful to cure UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

When paired with another herb ‘uva ursi’, the dandelion leaves and roots have been successful in curing UTIs. Uva ursi has anti-bacterial compounds and dandelion stimulates increased urination, thus the combination works for this ailment.

Who should avoid it?

Though dandelion root powder is safe for most of the people, still some people who are allergic to touching or ingesting dandelion should altogether avoid it. Also it is found to react with certain medication that includes Cipro, diuretic and lithium. If you are under any medication, consult your doctor before consuming the dandelion infused powder.


Dandelion root powder can be easily purchased online. But make sure you buy them from a trusted store like Paithan Eco Foods. Since ages we have been using this secret ingredient of nature, though available in abundance, we were ignorant of the benefits. Though a humble plant, dandelion has amazing health benefits.

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