It all started in 2013, when Shri Rajesh S Shetty, our Founder, saw cancer affect two of his close personal friends. Few years later, after extensive research about the various treatments available for treating the disease, he realized that there was a severe dearth of counseling and guidance for the afflicted patients. Thus, Eco Remedies came into existence, now known as Eco Foods, is a complete provider of natural health supplements, for all types of wellness requirements.

Our first facility was located in Nasik, Maharashtra, where we started manufacturing Graviola Fruit Juice. Graviola is a fruit sourced from Brazil and the Philippines and has great medicinal properties. However, knowledge about the fruit and its benefits was scarce in India. People who were aware used to import products from overseas, which was a long and expensive process. Which is why, we decided to manufacture Anjaneya, our original Graviola Fruit Juice in-house at Nasik.

At the processing facility, we would –

De-skin and de-seed the fruit after thoroughly washing it

  • Homogenize the resulting pulp, dilute it with mineral water, and flavor it with the highest-quality natural honey
  • Pack it in safest- food grade bottles of 180ml, in batches of 6 bottles per carton making it a one month therapy

We later also produced a sugar-free variant of Anjaneya, which became a more effective health supplement for people suffering from cancer and other chronic diseases.

The company continued to grow on the principles of continuous research and innovation to provide our consumers with the highest-quality health supplements in all sectors of life. Over the years, our product line has expanded to encompass a variety of products for overall well-being. This includes juices, health powders, capsules, infusions, and accompaniments, all of which are purely vegetarian.

Eco Foods entered a new era of growth in 2018, increasing manifold under the banner of Paithan Eco Foods. We set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the Paithan Mega Food Park, where a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff works day-in and day-out here, to bring you the various products of Eco Foods.

We firmly believe that progress can be achieved only through constant innovation, for which research is a crucial factor. Which is why, our squad of research scientists, headed by Mr. Rajesh Shetty himself, is laser-focused on creating newer, better, and more qualitative healthcare solutions at our in-house, world-class laboratory.

Quality matters most to us, at Eco Foods. We judiciously source the finest-quality raw materials in order to maintain the high standards of our products and derive excellent results from using these concoctions. Every single batch is passed through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure that our consumers are served with nothing but the best-quality solutions.

In our quest to provide natural health supplements for various ailments, we make sure to preserve the nature where they originate as well. To this end, we undertake several campaigns to protect the integrity of Mother Earth and use sustainable packaging for our products. Our organization and products are compliant with all relevant statutory norms and various health & safety standards – namely ISO9001 & ISO22000, FSSAI, FOSTAC, GMP, NON-GMO, IEC Code, etc.

Eco Foods started with a singular motive of providing quality healthcare supplements to people who were looking for greener remedies. Today, we have grown into a massive universe that serves a complete range of health products required for a happy and fulfilling life.

Welcoming you to join us in our journey towards a healthier world!

  • Eco Ensulin – Sugar Regulator
    Eco Ensulin – Sugar Regulator

    Detoxify liver and maintain blood sugar levels with Eco Ensulin that is enriched with the natural goodness of Fenugreek Seeds and Bitter Gourd. Presence of Amla and Jamun is an added advantage as it offers immunity and maintains your health naturally. Turmeric serves as the antioxidant. Jamun fruit is also said to have immunity boosting properties and is used extensively in treating diabetes, allergies, inflammation and gastric ulcers. Due to high Vitamin C content in Amla, it helps in boosting the immune system, slows down aging, treats throat infections, reduces blood sugar levels and improves heart health. It also helps in maintaining normal insulin secretion by maintaining your Pancreas health.

  • AnjaNeya Barbadensis Miller Aloe Vera Juice
    AnjaNeya Barbadensis Miller Aloe Vera Juice

    Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the most nutritionally dense variety of Aloe vera. Aloe vera barbadensis miller juice contains 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids & 200 specific compounds. Possess the goodness of Barbadensis Miller that is more viable in treating constipation issues and gastric trouble with the AnjaNeya Aloe Barbadensis Miller Health Drink. Barbadensis Miller’s antioxidant properties helps in healing wounds, hair fall and even some skin disorders. Aloe Barbadensis Miller is a stimulant to the immune system. In addition, it is a strong anti-inflammatory and an analgesic. It also has the properties to enhance cell growth and promote overall health.

  • AnjaNeya Graviola Soursop Fruit Juice
    AnjaNeya Graviola Soursop Fruit Juice

    AnjaNeya Graviola Soursop Fruit juice contains the finest blend of Soursop Fruit which contains annonaceous acetogenin. Acetogenin is a phytochemical that reportedly fights cancer cells and promotes good health. It also has Vitamins and Minerals that naturally assists in overcoming conditions like weakness and depression. Enriched with the natural goodness of Soursop Fruit, this drink is beneficial also in curing loss of appetite, controlling sugar levels in the body and even sleep disorders in several instances. Moreover, the antifungal and antibacterial properties also helps in fighting against numerous pathogens in the human body. Feel fresh throughout the day with this natural drink and fight weakness. Soursop juice is effective alongside cancer treatment


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